Benefit show & Day of Activation

featuring internationally renowned performers,
change-makers, and thought leaders
to enlighten and activate people
to contribute and work together.
We aim to:


to act against the impacts of
generations of racial injustice and
catalyze solutions of systemic change.


by shining a light on the connections between racial injustice and environmental crises,
using the momentum of this moment.


by amplifying the voices of those
who have been working on solutions, to advance their efforts to new communities.


to fund projects that are actively engaged in justice, equity, and healing for vulnerable communities.

The time is now.

Inequities, injustice, greed, and corruption have pushed this planet and its people to a tipping point.

We face multiple crises – political, economic, social, environmental – so we must address the system as a whole to create the world we envision, one that supports us all.

Yes, it's time

Voter Turnout in November

Viral video messages and social media challenges will direct targeted audiences to a website portal designed to inspire, empower, and connect them to local and national efforts through:

Our Team

We are artists, community organizers, lawyers, teachers, designers, scholars, musicians, service workers, event producers, entrepreneurs, and we are all ACTIVISTS.

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We have a vision and you're invited!
We are reaching out to our extended community to contribute to this project, in any way that is aligned for you.

Join us in creating this unifying moment to BREATHE,
before we move forward together.


environmental activist & lawyer

I've been waiting most of my life for this project to come along. I've never felt so engaged in bringing something into reality. Join us, please!

Lawrence Ellis headshot

lawrence ellis

complex systems leader

We're working with the most incredible people. Every day is learning something new and getting inspired. I feel I am working on something real.

Tania Abdul headshot

tania abdul

immersive event producer and entrepreneur

Learning about the innovative, heart-centered work being done by amazing people everywhere is giving me so much hope. I'm utterly dedicated to this project.

Javier LaFianza headshot

Javier lafianza

nonprofit leader

Breathe brings people and organizations together to create and share solutions to Social Justice and Environmental Racism problems. Together, we will bring overdue, lasting change to our neighborhoods and society.

If you feel inspired to perform or speak, offer your skills, connections, advice, donations, or share this with people who would want to get involved, we wholeheartedly welcome you!

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