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The People are rising up...

Inequities, injustice, greed, and corruption have pushed this planet and its people to a tipping point. The murder of George Floyd during a global pandemic was a catalyst for people around the world to rise up in unity against racial injustice.

The threats of climate chaos, socio-economic instability, and increasing disparities by every metric in a racialized hierarchy, require widespread change. However, entrenched imbalances of power along racial and ancestral lines threaten hope and impede progress. Racial equity is key to a just, stable, peaceful future on this planet. It will not be gifted; it must be resisted, insisted, and remodeled into being, with the pressure of a massive movement that is organized and sustained.

Our Mission

BREATHE uses media, events, web tools, activist development, and more to amplify and support work on the intersectional fronts of racial, environmental, and climate justice.  

Our Vision

By drawing people together through artistic expression, events, trainings, resources for organizing, and an educational, interactive web platform, we increase engagement, commitment, and effectiveness of activism. We catalyze and build relationships with our network, committed to creating a just, equitable, and resilient world.

Intersecting Issues of Environmental Justice

The United States is a nation built on stolen lands with the labor of stolen people but it has boundless potential for liberty, justice, equality, and resilience.

Still, across this country there are many factors which make people more vulnerable to environmental issues and economic instability:

racist discrimination
increasing economic disparity
police brutality
mass incarceration
voter suppression
exploitation of the labor force
polluted land, water, air, and food
limited access to healthy food and housing
inadequate, underfunded health and education systems

First Nations protest signs

Our Goals

Based in the movement for environmental justice,
we hope to support deep, lasting change.

BREATHE aims to shift the public discourse,
shining light on the impacts of generations of systemic racism,
amplifying the voices of those most impacted by environmental issues and economic instability,
as destructive effects of the climate crisis become more acute and frequent.

The donations, attention, and action of an inspired audience will be directed to frontline organizations  marginalized communities with the vision, experience, and plans to build a better world.

Specifically, BREATHE will:


to help heal the impacts of
generations of racial injustice and
catalyze solutions of systemic change.


by shining a light on the connections between
racial injustice and environmental crises,
using empowering stories of solidarity.


by amplifying the voices of those
who have been working on solutions
and generating mass strategic support.


of projects that are actively engaged in justice, equity, healing, and resilience
for vulnerable communities.

We prioritize organizations that are led by African Americans,
Native Americans, and other people of color,
and which encourage youth leadership.

Our Team

We are artists, community organizers, lawyers, teachers, designers, scholars, musicians, service workers, event producers, entrepreneurs, and we are all ACTIVISTS.

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Get Involved

You're invited to help enact Breathe's vision.
If you feel inspired to perform or speak, offer your skills, connections, advice, donations, or to share this with people who would want to get involved, we wholeheartedly welcome you! Click below to tell us about yourself and how you'd like to join the team.

Specific types of assistance Breathe needs now:

We invite you to join in any way that is aligned for you.
Perform or speak.
Offer your skills, connections, advice, donations.
Share this with people who would want to get involved.

Take the opportunity to shape this project with your experience and insight!

It is from our collective wisdom and the pooling of our brilliance, creativity, experience, and resources that we make our dreams into reality.
We share this in the spirit of Ubuntu, the Nguni Bantu term meaning
“I am because we are,"
reflecting the belief that a universal bond of sharing connects all humanity.

Specifically, we seek contributors to assist with:

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header graffiti image: artwork by Blaze Wiradharma for #PainttheCityBlack in Toronto, photo by Resa McConaghy