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Breathe's partner organizations are doing vital, innovative work on the intersectional issues of racial and environmental justice. Learn more, get involved, and support their current initiatives.

Wall of Vets

As veterans, we swore an Oath to defend the US Constitution and fundamental rights therein. We continue our service to protect these rights, and promote justice and equality through non-partisan, non-violent means. We are the Wall of Vets. “Our Oath Never Expires”

Hip Hop for Change

For people concerned with the lack of positive art in our communities, Hip Hop For Change Inc. is the nonprofit that educates all people about the power of Hip Hop Culture and empowers them with a platform to express themselves through the arts.

Partners for Collaborative Change

PFCC is a 5 person collective based in Oakland. We came together as long-time practitioners in this vital work, passionate about democratizing the work for social change so that community members and stakeholders are not an afterthought - but are supported to design and unleash their own strategies for change.


WiseTribe is a grassroots non-profit that facilitates info exchanges and innovation by providing a framework and tools to increase well-being and prosperity. We bring forward thinkers together to build a healthier, more sustainable communities in a rapidly changing world. We exist to help communities evolve to be healthier and more sustainable in a rapidly-changing world.

Breathe Updates

Stay informed about Breathe's spotlights and initiatives on racial, environmental, and climate justice.


Get Involved with Breathe

You're invited to help enact Breathe's vision.
If you feel inspired to perform or speak, offer your skills, connections, advice, donations, or to share this with people who would want to get involved, we wholeheartedly welcome you!
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Specific types of assistance Breathe needs now:

We invite you to join in any way that is aligned for you.
Perform or speak.
Offer your skills, connections, advice, donations.
Share this with people who would want to get involved.

Take the opportunity to shape this project with your experience and insight!

It is from our collective wisdom and the pooling of our brilliance, creativity, experience, and resources that we make our dreams into reality.
We share this in the spirit of Ubuntu, the Nguni Bantu term meaning
“I am because we are,"
reflecting the belief that a universal bond of sharing connects all humanity.

Specifically, we seek contributors to assist with:

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header graffiti image: artwork by Blaze Wiradharma for #PainttheCityBlack in Toronto, photo by Resa McConaghy