Breathe's Accomplishments
In just two years our dedicated working board has built a solid infrastructure, launched numerous campaigns, partnered with renowned organizations to generate positive impact, and more!

After the death of George Floyd and the ignition of global uprisings against systemic racism, our primary founder envisioned building awareness and support for solutions at the intersection of racial justice and the climate crisis. He wanted to bring together artists, activists, and other changemakers.

He put out a call. Dozens responded. The purpose and vision expanded and refined with the perspectives, expertise, and creativity of the group.

A working board was formed of dedicated activists and other changemakers with leadership expertise across many sectors. Volunteers and advisors worked on outreach, research, content creation, and general development.

Breathe was born!

In the high pressure months before the 2020 national election, Breathe’s Board:

     * Aligned on the mission, vision, goals, and decision-making structure

     * Launched a cutting-edge informational website

     * Successfully filed for 501(c)(3) nonprofit status

Breathe’s infrastructure and strategic plan developed to support our Theory of Change with impactful programs, and to attract funding for our unique solution set for movement-building.

Key Highlights:
     * Accepted as a project of the legendary Movement Strategy Center, an incubator & accelerator at the forefront of racial, gender, and environmental equity work. MSC offers capacity support with accounting, human resources, legal, insurance, fundraising, and communications

     * Researched and composed extensive grant applications that further refined Breathe’s strategy and solutions

     * Added vital software and analytics to the tech stack and created onboarding materials in preparation for action campaigns and network contributors

     * Produced animated branding for Breathe’s docu-series of original video content, along with some short videos

      * Recruited new Board members with ideal expertise to augment Breathe’s leadership

Breathe branched into the ecosystem of communities and organizations striving for a just, regenerative, thriving world for all. Our programs and collaborations have borne fruit as we learn how best to support the work and build momentum. 

     * Get Out The Vote 2020 campaign

      * Invited youth engagement in the election in collaboration with Hip Hop for Change, based in Oakland, and Milagro Center in South Florida
       * Co-founded the SF Bay Shoreline Contamination Cleanup Coalition , an active network of community and environmental organizations working for the safe, comprehensive cleanup of radioactive and toxic contamination subject to impending sea level rise

      * Supported the Hunters Point Biomonitoring Foundation  so data on toxic exposures and health outcomes are under control of the impacted community

     * Presented workshops at the annual conference of
USDN (Urban Sustainability Directors Network)

Breathe’s immediate future is to link action campaigns across the United States using our short documentary video series, events, trainings, and news contributors in support of a variety of solutions and initiatives, thereby building a diverse intersectional network.

We look forward to expanding our network to support individuals, organizations, communities and movements around the globe in creating a just, regenerative, and thriving world for all.  

Graphics by Maria Cecilia Sanchez