Based in the movement for environmental justice,
we hope to support deep, lasting change.

BREATHE aims to shift the public discourse,
shining light on the impacts of generations of systemic racism,
amplifying the voices of those most impacted by environmental issues and economic instability,
as destructive effects of the climate crisis become more acute and frequent.

The donations, attention, and action of an inspired audience will be directed to frontline organizations  marginalized communities with the vision, experience, and plans to build a better world.

Specifically, BREATHE will:


to help heal the impacts of
generations of racial injustice and
catalyze solutions of systemic change.


by shining a light on the connections between
racial injustice and environmental crises,
using the momentum of this moment.


by amplifying the voices of those
who have been working on solutions,
to advance their efforts to new communities.


to fund projects that are actively engaged
in justice, equity, and healing for
vulnerable communities.

We prioritize organizations that are led by African Americans,
Native Americans, and other people of color,
and which encourage youth leadership.

Grand plan

Breathe aims to help build the movements for racial and environmental justice by helping people level up their activism. Within our long-term vision and strategy, our immediate focus is to dramatically increase voter turnout for the November 3rd elections.

In January, after our GOTV efforts have connected with people around the country, and the election has recorded the powerful voice of the people acting in solidarity, we will broadcast a Benefit Show and Day of Activation. By leveraging star power, inspiring solutions, and our online platform, Breathe will help build the organized activism necessary to change our trajectory toward a just, equitable, and resilient future.

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If you feel inspired to perform or speak, offer your skills, connections, advice, donations, or share this with people who would want to get involved, we wholeheartedly welcome you!

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Main image: artwork by Blaze Wiradharma for #PainttheCityBlack in Toronto, photo by Resa McConaghy