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Hip Hop For Change, Inc. is an Oakland based 501c(3) dedicated to the preservation and education of the history and power of authentic Hip Hop culture and its core principles of Peace, Love, Unity and Having Fun. We seek to address the injustices of misrepresentation through education and community building. As an organization, we have always used our platform to empower people who identify with Hip Hop culture, and give them a safe space to express their truest voices, selves, and culture.

Through our Education program, we aim to provide a community based counter narrative to the mainstream depiction of Hip Hop that all too often reinforces negative stereotypes and images of BIPOC youth. We have taught over 20,000 youth across California the history of Hip Hop evolution, music, and culture. Our program gives K-12 students the tools they need to facilitate positive self-expression, and better understanding of Hip Hop Culture.

We've employed 900+ people from all walks of life, providing them with livable wages and professional job training. Our grassroots team works to bridge the gaps between affluent and disparate communities by educating the public on issues of race, social justice, and the cooptation of Hip Hop Culture.

We also curate socially conscious Hip Hop events that more accurately depict the beauty and diversity of POC communities. In doing so, we hope to shift the narrative and reclaim the culture that corporate media has stolen from our people. Our shows give a platform to positive and progressive artists who have been left behind by corporate controlled media. We let the community speak their truths while educating them about important topics like environmental equity, women's empowerment, and more!

As leaders of the community, we provide positive representations of Hip Hop Culture that our youth and the public can draw from instead of relying on mainstream media. In addition to that, we also educate people on how Hip Hop can be utilized as a tool for social justice and ending white supremacy.

We are artists. We are disruptors. We will use art to disrupt society and demand justice! This is our Hip Hop Revolution! The Fight For Our Culture!

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