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Creating a Wiser World

Forward thinking. Presently doing. Collectively acting.

Let’s increase the health of communities and the planet through food, learning, and well-being.

WiseTribe is a grassroots non-profit that helps communities evolve to be healthier and more sustainable in a rapidly-changing world. We spark community with local change makers to create forward-thinking endeavours in the areas of food, learning, and wellbeing. Together with young people, families, schools, non-profits, civic-minded corporations and municipalities we are building collaborative ventures for a wiser world.

Transformation through Food

Our food system is in trouble. And food is the lifesource of any tribe. This complex, global problem requires local solutions.

United We Grow organizes action and change to address generating nutritious food with a lower environmental footprint as the population grows.

WiseTribe organizes and activates communities to engage in food-related behaviors that support rather than threaten our health and planet. Our efforts are building food leadership and Food Citizenship toward a sustainable world.

Evolving by Learning Together

Our economy is changing. WiseTribe supports schools and communities with innovative programming to prepare for a rapidly evolving, uncertain job market.

Our project-based learning empowers students and forward thinkers to tackle complex real-world problems through systems thinking. WiseTribe’s experiential learning heightens social awareness, environmentalism, and social entrepreneurial savvy. Our learning efforts are designed to help us evolve toward a healthier, sustainable future.

WiseTribe learning apprenticeships, after school activities, and community projects are producing a generation of wise leaders.

Wisdom & Wellbeing

Burnout is everywhere and mental health is the crisis of the 21st century. The dizzying pace of our world is leading to chronic stress which is causing disease.

Our initiatives promote healthy habits and paradigm shifts to increase public health and preserve the environment. WiseTribers are ditching single-use plastics, meditating and connecting meaningfully for a wiser world.

WiseTribe connects like-minded, forward-thinking people who are eager to engage in important, timely community projects.

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